Ed brings the country twang to the group. He grew up listening to his father and uncle play and sing at family gatherings and holidays.  He finally picked up a guitar when he was in his teens and fell in love with it. He performed in and around the San Antonio area and was once part of the house band at The Bluebonnet Palace. He pursued career in EMS which he has been doing for roughly 22 years and is currently a supervisor for the local EMS system here in Austin.  He has three awesome children who have taken an interest in music as well when they have time.  Ed is happy to once again to be playing and performing in and around the Austin area.  With some George Strait, Kevin Fowler, and Johnny Rodriguez tunes the dance floor is usually hopping.   He has always said “There is nothing like looking out from the stage and seeing a dance floor full of people having a great time”



Josh Barnette brings it home!  He may be quiet during their breaks, but his guitar and vocal skills are anything but shy. Josh who plays a variety of music from Pink Houses to Folsom Prison, has a very wide range of songs to pick from.  Just ask him because he probably knows it.    With a wife and a baby at home, Josh works full time during the week, but still manages to pursue his dreams.




Scott Bennett was born in Austin and began life as a baby DJ and drummer and evolved into a voice-over artist, producer, rock and country drummer and radio broadcaster.

He attended the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Radio, Television and Film. Though he planned to go into radio right after college, he ended up as a nightclub DJ and started an advertising agency.   Finally in 2012, he joined the Morning Show on KOKE-FM in Austin!  

His influences span from John Denver to Van Halen to Rush and even George Strait.

He is endorsed by 7drums, and plays them exclusively now with Zildjian A Custom cymbals.



Rachael started playing fiddle/violin at age 11, competing in fiddle contests in Wyoming/Colorado/

Nebraska at age 12 & formed a family bluegrass band at 13. She earned the Wyoming Junior State Fiddle Champion title a few times in her teens. She has played country, bluegrass and Texas music with several great Austin musicians/bands including the High Stakes Rollers, Michael Myers Band, Johnny Gimble and members of the George Strait band.